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Lake Johanna Fire Station #3 - Shoreview, MN
Destructive tTsting

Lake Johanna Fire Station #3 - Shoreview, MN
Roof Repair

Lake Johanna Fire Station #3 - Shoreview, MN
Before & After EIFS Repair

Lake Johanna Fire Station #3 - Shoreview, MN

Lake Johanna Fire Station #3 - Shoreview, MN

EDS Builders extends life to Lake Johanna Fire Department’s hose tower.

EDS was asked to repair the Lake Johanna Hose Tower.

Problem: We, Doc Smith, came out to bid the repair of the hose tower. Being an engineer and a contractor I could tell the tower had issues when I saw the inside block was 4” veneer and the outside was 12” rockface structural block. I knew there were major issues, the wall was built backwards.

After doing destructive testing, removing several 4” block inside and a 12” rockface on the roof.

The tower was built backwards. The east face EIFS had pulled off the block wall and due to no counterflashing at the top and water running off the edges of the tower. The exterior block and EIFS was deteriorating at an exponential rate. These issues needed to be taken care of immediately.

Solution: We added a roof gutter and hose tower opening cap to dramatically reduce rain and water eroding the rockface block.

Since the rockface at the roof did not have any counterflashing to let the water out of the exterior block the best solution was to seal the joints, shed water and repaint the exterior.

We repaired the rockface block and water exterior paint reduced the penetration of moisture into the block.

We replaced the EIFS and installed a metal clad, counterflashing (top cap over EIFS).

The tower has a new life that Chief Tim Boehlke is pleased to have.