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Park Midway Bank Construction Project
Under Construction

Park Midway Bank Construction Project
New Teller Line

Park Midway Bank Construction Project
New Counters

Park Midway Bank

Park Midway Bank Construction Project

"If Doc says he can do it…Bank on it."


According to Kathy Bjerke, president of Park Midway Bank, ”Our Bank is a busy place; customers coming and going…client meetings going on… numerous transactions taking place every day. Our tellers, however, were literally standing on top of each other. We were growing and we needed room. I knew we were going to have to move doors, walls, everything. Plus, I didn’t know what kind of unexpected (expensive) surprises (Doc calls them opportunities) we might run into in the process. I seriously wondered, “How do you handle all of this and stay within budget? This is not my line of work. How are we going to tear the place apart, stay open, and retain a professional environment for our people and customers?”


"I called Doc Smith. Doc and I had served together, for a number of years…on the board of the Midway Y, plus we had experience working together on the St. Paul Winter Carnival. I trusted Doc. When I asked Doc, ‘How are we going to do this,’ He simply said, "Together, we'll develop a work process around you and your people. He did. Except for his smiling face, sometimes we didn’t even know he was there. In fact, he went further. When it finally came time to lay in our new carpet, Doc offered, "How about we lay the carpet on Sunday so customers can walk on it when you open on Monday? We never had to close our doors during the whole remodel.

And those unexpected surprises?

We had them, but Doc saved us money to cover a number of them. Our drawings called for new cabinets but Doc found a way to reuse the cabinets we had torn out. And instead of buying new doors, he shuffled and reused most of the old doors. Then he found rolled wallpaper, we didn’t know we had, and saved us more money. Finally, he simplified our door locking system. We didn’t ask him to…but he did. But that’s Doc.

Would I recommend Doc Smith? "Doc did a fantastic job. It would be hard to be better than Doc."