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Project Images

Savage Retail Chain Construction Project
Dan Patch Liquor

Savage Retail Chain Construction Project
Marketplace Roof

Savage Retail Chain

Savage Retail Chain Construction Project

Dan Patch Liquor Store - 16,000 sf
Market Place Liquor Store - 15,460 sf

The Dan Patch and Marketplace liquor stores needed to be designed and built before the holiday season or else a major loss of income (80% of liquor store sales are over the November/December holidays)

The project was fast tracked, design/build in six months, starting in June and completed in November before the major holiday season. By pre-ordering the precast, lumber, windows, and special steel, the installation dates were met. This reduced the time of the project. Both of these stores were built at the same time.

Outstanding Professionalism

"During the entire process, Mr. Smith exhibited outstanding professionalism and expertise in dealing with numerous subcontractors and adjacent property owners. His communication coordination and time management skills were instrumental in delivering a final product."

Barry Stock, Economic Development Director