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White Lake School District
EDS Builders reviews White Lake referendum plans

White Lake School District
EDS Builders reviews White Lake referendum plans

Ground Breaking

White Lake School District

White Lake School District

White Lake School District

Not your typical Ground Breaking ceremony.

Sure, the White Lake task force members turned some dirt, at the Recreation Center ground breaking...that's standard. But for the first time, in my memory, the kids got involved too. The message here is simple. If everyone, in communities across our nation, got behind a vision the way the entire community at White Lake has, our recession would be short lived.

- Doc

White Lake School and Recreation Center Addition

White Lake School District

White Lake, WI

$3,580,000.00 Addition 26,008 SF, Alterations 4,154 sf
Less than 1% Change Orders

White Lake School - WisconsinWhite Lake Breaks ground for building
Antigo Daily Journal – April 19, 2012

With speakers stressing terms such as “legacy” and “pride,” White Lake gathered together for a gala ground-breaking for its school-community recreation center this morning.

“This project is only possible because of the tremendous pride that is embedded in the community and we have the past to thank for that.” Bill fisher, District Administrator said, noting that the project getting underway today “will leave a legacy, a legacy of community spirit.”

White Lake’s new gym floor will be special
Antigo Daily Journal – March 31, 2012
White Lake is having the modern day equivalent of a barn-raising. With the ground-breaking for its new $3.5 million community recreation center 19 days away, community members have donated 90 cords of valuable, hard maple logs that will be used to create the gymnasium floor, a symbol of pride likely unmatched in any other public school project.

“I don’t know of another community willing to do this,” engineer Doc Smith of EDS Builders, the project’s general contractor, said. “It’s going to be a beautiful floor and when people see it, they will say it’s our own floor, it’s from White Lake.”

White Lake project takes shape quickly
Antigo Daily Journal – May 18, 2012
White Lake project takes shape quickly May 18, 2012 The White Lake school and community expansion, a project that has been in the works for years, is advancing at a stunning pace this week.

Less than a month after ground was broken, workmen, cranes and trucks loaded with construction panels are rolling in and out of the grounds to the west of the existing educational complex and the progress is shocking. The footings for the new gym were laid over a period of weeks, but then just a handful of days ago the men and machinery arrived to erect the 37- foot-high panels, and the progress moved right along. In fact, anyone familiar with traditional construction would be amazed.

White Lake School - WisconsinOn schedule
Antigo Daily Journal - May 1, 2012

Just days after the formal ground-breaking, work is proceeding at a fast pace on the $3.58 million addition to the White Lake school. Crews from Smith Concrete, Tradewell Construction, Duffek Sand & Gravel and Johnson & Jonet Mechanical are on site, working on underground utility connections, footings and foundations. “Right now you can see the footprint of the building,” construction manager Doc Smith of EDS Builders said. The pace will continue with the arrival of the pre-cast concrete that will form the walls of the new gymnasium in mid-May and then the 100-foot long roof joists shortly thereafter.

Success celebrated at White Lake
Antigo Daily Journal - July 27, 2012
Success was celebrated Thursday noon at White Lake. It was a day to mark what in the construction business is called the “topping out” when a structure is enclosed, at the White Lake High School. A project that got its start in the spring is ahead of schedule, under budget and according to just about everyone who has taken a peek, looking very good.

Earl “Doc” Smith, who has spearheaded the White Lake project for the general contractor, EDS, told the men and woman on the project they had done an exceptional job.

“We are about a month ahead,” Smith told a gathering in the school cafeteria, where they dined on pizza and bratwurst to mark the “topping out.”

White Lake addition named top '12 story
Antigo Daily Journal - Dec. 31, 2012
The completion of the White Lake Recreation Center, a project some likened to an “extreme community makeover,” highlighted events in the Antigo area during 2012.

The Antigo Daily Journal editorial staff made the decision after pouring through thousands of pages of newsprint in preparing the annual yearend edition included with today’s newspaper.

There were certainly other contenders, but White Lake emerged the clear winner based on the long-term effects on the small eastern Langlade County community and, frankly, the “feel-good” attitude the entire project created across the northwoods.



MN Construction Association - Awards Of Excellence 2013

MN Construction Association - Awards Of Excellence 2013

EDS Builders, Inc. won in the Renovation, Expansion, or Tenant Improvement category for the White Lake School District Recreation Center Addition and Alterations. A $3.5 million project was an addition and remodel of a decrepit, 73 year-old school building. The project included a central recreation area, exercise room, locker rooms, concession area as well as a new gymnasium.

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